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Monday, 9 March 2009

Domestic Database

"Hello. Is that partner check dot com?"
"Yes, how can we help you?"
"Well, what it is right, is I met this bloke down the club last week and he's said I can move in wiv him. I wanna know if he's gonna beat me up?"
"Right, what's his name?"
"Steve Hughes"
"Just hold the line a second, while I check our database.................right, I've found him. He was arrested last year for throwing a cushion at his girlfriend."
"Right thanks. I wont see him no more."

Sounds silly, but that's what Jacqui SMITH's latest barmpot idea is.

Don't get me wrong. I think men that beat women up, are despicable cowards, who should receive long custodial sentances. The trouble is, the present definition of domestic violence, in no way matches what the general public would call domestic violence. Nowaday's people (usually men) are being arrested for the most trivial of matters, from cushion throwing to shouting too loud!

I've no idea who is going to run this database, but I will stick my neck out and say that there will be an awful lot of people on it, who shouldn't be. The problem is, some offenders who are always 'getting away with it' wont appear on the list if it is only for convicted persons. However, if everyone arrested for so-called domestic violence ends up on it, it will be worthless.

In the meantime, behind closed doors, some women will continue to get a good kicking and no one will ever know. Let's stop wasting time on silly gimmicks. What would be useful, are special DV courts, which are held as quickly as possible, before the offender has time to 'change' the victims mind!


Constable said...

Can women go on the database too?

blueknight said...

The reason why most of the 1986 Public Order Act does not apply in a dwelling is to prevent it being used for domestic incidents. The powers to arrest under 1361 Breach of Peace have been severely limited so unless there has been an assault there usually isn't much else.
I think I am right in saying that some American states have a specific DV law

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Mr Gentleman said...

Well, it would be a good idea if only the police could be trusted to be fair, honest and proportionate. Which, as you say, isn't the case. Another crap idea from the crappest home secretary the world ever saw. Not counting Michael Howard, but crap is too nice a word for him.

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