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Thursday, 29 January 2009

Equality of the sexes

For years women have been claiming that they are capable of doing the same as men. Well now it seems they are right!

I have noticed that young women have been getting more violent recently. For years there have been lads who go out at night, deliberately looking for trouble. Now, it seems that there are some women who go out with the same intentions.

Call me chauvenistic, but I was taught to treat women as the fairer sex. I've lost count recently, of the number times I have had to use all my strength and UDT skills, to control some drunken fat sl*g!

Are women getting more violent, or just getting more drunk? I suspect it is the latter. However, it doesn't help when the national association for the blah blah blah, say that women are an easy target for police. I would argue the opposite. Most male coppers will probably let a women get away with more bad behaviour than a bloke, purely because they do not like laying hands on women.

I think this is a site that is going to be more common!

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Another Way to Stay Out of Prison!

For years Police Officers have been battling with the CPS to get cases to court. Identification of a suspect is always an issue. They are often quite insistant on an idenitity parade being conducted (nowadays done by video). If the witness picks out the suspect, then it adds weight to a case. The job wont get anywhere near a court, if there is nothing else to link a suspect.
Well apparently, the identification of a suspect by the witness is no longer good enough, according to Judge James Tabor QC.
Apparently, the witness in this case could not possibly have been able to recognise the offender after a 3 second glimpse. Providing the identification process was complied with correctly and an initial description obtained, which was not markedly different than that of the offender, I cannot see how the Judge can come to this decision.
It is not as if the suspect was a pillar of the community. He had already admitted to a burglary, which as all police officers know, is only because he was bang to rights.
The judge obviously thinks that the suspect is a jolly decent fellow, who has admitted to his misdemeanours. As he denies this case, he could not possibly be guilty.
I only hope someone has the guts to appeal this decision. Otherwise, it sets a dangerous precedent.

Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Pretty Pictures

Who uses the internet the most? I've no idea on official figures, but I would imagine, young people must be near the top. What do some of the less desirable amongst them like to do? That's right, post their exploits on the internet, as a badge of honour! We can see all types of criminal damage, assault, general anti-social behaviour on Youtube and other video sites.

Well, now they don't have to bother. Why, well the government have made Police Forces do it for them.

Ok, that's not strictly true, but I suspect that will be the result of crime mapping. Lets face it, a lot of our neanderthal youth take great pride in being the 'baddest dudes in the ghetto'!Now they can have a league table of their exploits!

Meanwhile, what use will these crime maps be to anyone else? The housing market is on its last legs as it is. What chance to sell your house, now that everyone can see the crime rate for the area.

Vernon Coaker says it will empower people to get involved with their neighbourhood police. Last week, we were told to reassure the public, because they had a higher fear of crime than reality. How is letting them know the exact crime levels going to achieve this?

All I can foresee, is having to do pointless tasks, because Mrs Smith has complained about the level of theft. She has her prize dahlias to worry about. (The fact that the theft figures relate mainly to 'lost' giro cheques, has got nothing to do with it.) I will then have to make regular patrols to reassure her we are taking her complaints seriously.

This is just another piece of pointless bureaucracy, that will do nothing to make the streets any safer. Mr Coaker, stop meddling and leave us alone to do our job.