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Thursday, 29 January 2009

Equality of the sexes

For years women have been claiming that they are capable of doing the same as men. Well now it seems they are right!

I have noticed that young women have been getting more violent recently. For years there have been lads who go out at night, deliberately looking for trouble. Now, it seems that there are some women who go out with the same intentions.

Call me chauvenistic, but I was taught to treat women as the fairer sex. I've lost count recently, of the number times I have had to use all my strength and UDT skills, to control some drunken fat sl*g!

Are women getting more violent, or just getting more drunk? I suspect it is the latter. However, it doesn't help when the national association for the blah blah blah, say that women are an easy target for police. I would argue the opposite. Most male coppers will probably let a women get away with more bad behaviour than a bloke, purely because they do not like laying hands on women.

I think this is a site that is going to be more common!


Grammer Police said...

surely you mean 'sight' :)

MadMax said...

I was talking about this blog!!

Ok smarty pants, you win. It was late at night when I posted this. Anyone who works nights, will tell you that spelling and grammer goes out of the window at night.

sntpc said...

You're dead right, as a female PC there's nothing I dread more than a drunken woman. They're AWFUL, can't be reasoned with, and my male colleagues are highly reluctant to put hands on leaving me to deal with a big strong fat p*sshead.

Until they get kicked in the nuts (true tale, from more than one occasion), then the reluctance vanishes.

Anonymous said...


Annette said...

You are right, I have the same opinion. I have watched it on t.v. 'stree crime' etc. and I have noticed there are more girls getting into fights etc.
I believe it is the drink, because usually women don't fight when sober.
I think it is dreadful and I hate seeing it.