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Thursday, 19 February 2009

The Filth

Oh dear. The mucky Pc's in Brighton are in the mire, over the mire they left in their canteen!

I must admit, every station up and down the land, probably has a similar problem. In my station, the 'washing-up fairies' are often on strike, judging by the mess left behind, by certain shifts!

However, sometimes there are perfectly good reasons why it wasn't done. How many times have you just taken a meal out of the microwave, grabbed a few mouthfuls, before having to dash out to another job. You get a prisoner from it and end up being late off after completing the paperwork. You go home knackered, having forgotten to do the washing up.
Meanwhile, all the shiny backsides, have had their complete refs break, watched a bit of TV, had a snooze and washed their crockery up, but left your plate to develop a nice concrete crust!

This does seem to be a bit over the top, but I can guarantee it is as a result of a complaint from the shiny ass brigade.

I remember when I joined the job, we had a Chief Super who was always bollocking staff for not parking their cars properly. I remember thinking at the time, what a stupid waste of his time. However, an experienced old Pc gave me sound words of advice, "If that's what the silly bugger wants to worry about, let him carry on, if it stops him interfering in proper police work!"

Anyway, is that what the canteen is? A Mess!


Constable said...

That's the times that you get a scoff break. Sorry Boss, couldn't tidy up had to go and do police work again.

How many times have you just bought a takeaway and the immortal words "callsign" I know you have just landed for scoff but can you turn out for XYZ, you are the only patrol not committed. Sorry.

In this case the food is left on the table and doesn't even make the kitchen. Luckily our cleaners are bribed with little treats and despite moaning understand what the job is like and do it for us. Shame the bosses don't show the same understanding.

PC Plastic Fuzz said...

Wouldn’t it be nice if the bosses could back us up from time to time. Instead looking at how to tell us off, perhaps look at why this kind of thing is happening? I like the idea of the elected ‘sheriff’. The suit who decided to put a camera in the kitchen would be out if we could vote them in and out. Perhaps spend a bit more money on cleaning if its such a problem? Or just get more resources so cops can actually have a full lunch break and have time to clean up. Crazy idea I know. How can they justify using cameras bought by taxpayers in a frickin kitchen at a police station.

blueknight said...

In the 1980s we would have two set meal breaks. On nights for instance, half the shift would meal at 1 a.m. and the rest at 2 a.m. And you would not get called out unless it was an assistance shout so there was always a guaranteed game of cards. We had washing up rota as well where one Officer washed up for both meal breaks.
What is going on now is a bit bizarre. Does the camera film the people that make the mess, or the ones that don't clean it up- and does it need a RIPA?

Constable said...


I vaguely remember those days, that was about the sametime they took our canteens away from us and introduced vending machines which are emptied without remorse by shiny arsed day workers.

Scoff break in itself is now a rarity, 45 minutes undisturbed break......yeah my arse!

Never hear the radio room staff doing without their break though do you? Actually went up there once and said "sorry to disturb you but do you want the result for whatever street"? He said "no I'm on my scoff!", I then told him I hoped he enjoyed it and never disturbed me on my average 15-20 gulping session that we are allowed. Eating whilst e-mailing crime reports, domestic referrals etc etc. Didn't get a reply just turned out of scoff after 15 minutes again.

Oh well.